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Performalytics was founded on the belief that data and analytics should be at the heart of any business!

Our ambition is to deliver the most efficient, collaborative, honest and actionable insight to our clients, as a result increasing profitability.

Every analytics approach involves the three i's...

Performalytics - InterrogationAnalyticsPerformalytics - Marketing effectiveness

Our analytics projects fall into 3 key topics:

1 - Creating a full 360 view of the consumer:

By connecting all the data points within the business, overlaid against any relevant external data, Performalytics create a complete understanding of you key customer groups, therefore improving the targeting approach of all communication.

2 - Sales analytics and Lifetime customer value:

For a business to understand who their most valuable customers are can dramatically improve overall business performance.  Performalytics bespoke analytics systems bring this to life, and enable you to maintain relevance, and keep them engaged with your brand.  This concludes with the thorough review of their complete customer journey, offering insight to feed into future activity.

3 - Marketing effectiveness and response attribution:

Performalytics provide comprehensive marketing performance analysis to support continuous improvement, campaign on campaign.  Our bespoke attribution systems clearly defines how well each marketing channel performs on it's own merit and in tandem with the others, via the use of fully customised and adaptable response trend analysis.  We believe this is imperative because knowing how your customers interact with your brand results in cleaner insight. 278a5df2-eeb5-46de-b68f-1f17e41c410c

Born in 2015, Performalytics was founded by James Dickens following a career using valuable insight from client data...

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Performalytics services

Performalytics are a team of data insight professionals who are passionate about focusing on the actions that makes a difference.

Our services include, but not limited to:

Sales Analytics

Marketing ROI

Customer Segmentation

Advertising Effectiveness

Website performance

Business Intelligence

All displayed through a secure online interactive app. Contact Us

Performalytics Lite - because valuable insight doesn't need to be expensive

In March 2019, we launched Performalytics Lite, a low cost subscription service, targeted towards smaller independent businesses within the craft drinks industries.As a result, providing incredibly valuable insight to those who need it most.Therefore saving valuable resource time and freeing up the team to focus on their daily roles.These insights include seasonality trends, product insights and top line customer segmentation insight.

Some of the brands our work has been enjoyed by...

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