SAS250 x Performalytics

Perfromalytics proud to partner with surfers against sewage

Performalytics have always been passionate about supporting businesses and brands that that look beyond profits and hold sustainability, health & wellbeing and environmental values close to their core. 

Whilst we are not a business that specifically creates physical products ourselves, we can focus our attention on those who do. Therefore, throughout our journey to date we have kept this front of mind when adding new partnerships to our portfolio. In order to keep driving these values forward, it was an important step to become a member of the SAS 250 Club, and there will be many more steps to come as our journey continues. 

The 250 Club is an initiative allowing SMEs to donate a small amount to help Surfers Against Sewage in their fight for cleaner Oceans, the heart and lungs of the world. Performalytics is committed to being part of this powerful network of environmental leaders, supporting change for good.

Surfers Against Sewage was formed in 1990 in Cornwall with the aim of improving water quality in UK waters. Since 2012, SAS has been recognised as a national marine conservation charity focused on the protection of waves, oceans, beaches, marine wildlife, and coastal communities. Their supporter base is expanding rapidly, and they have gained great success at influencing government policy relating to the environment for the better.

One of their greatest successes in recent years has been the Plastic Free Coastlines initiative, and the Plastic Free Schools initiative is gaining increasing success. This campaign has been an enormous success, and has two core aims:

  1. Stop the problem at the source – Changing consumer behaviour and industry standards to tackle society’s throwaway culture with regards to single-use plastics. This involves raising awareness and educating communities about the problem, talking to governments and challenging industries to effect sustainable change. SAS works to promote scientific, economic and health evidence to support calls for a cleaner marine environment. SAS was one of the organisations involved with effecting the single-use plastic bag fee. A current aim is to develop a Deposit Return System to prevent plastic bottles from entering our oceans from the outset.
  2. Cleaning up the pollution from our beaches – Taking active steps to clean up the plastic (and other) pollution that has already affected our coastlines by mobilising communities to carry out regular beach cleans.

If you would like to get involved with Surfers Against Sewage, discover more on their website now and become part of the change.